AnswerFair is a Q&A website where you pay to view the answers to a given question and then reward your access fee to the answer you like the best. If there aren't any answers or you're not completely satisfied with the best one, continue with your research somewhere else and then come back to AnswerFair. Enter your improved answer and start winning access fees yourself.


There are a lot of Question and Answer sites on the Internet and a lot of free ones, so why are we asking you to pay here? Well, first of all, we want to encourage people to think of themselves not strictly as consumers of online information, but also as contributors. There exists the opportunity for each of our users to make money from the Answers they provide. If your answers generate more awards than you spend on answers to other questions, your account will increase in value and we'll send your profits directly back to you bank account. If you never enter answers yourself, that's completely ok too, but you'll likely have to fund your account from time to time to continue to get access to those difficult questions. Our hope is that this novel marketplace will improve online Q&A in the following ways: 1. Lend greater integrity to answer ranking 2. Bring a wider of group of people into the Answer submission 3. Incentivize better answer quality 4. Vastly reduce spam, snarky answers, or any kind of irrelevant or annoying content


Access to a question's answers costs USD 1.00. This fee gives you permanent access to the question's answers, including any answers that get entered after your access date. You will also be able to submit an answer of your own at no additional cost. After reviewing the answers you can select the one you would like to pass your access fee onto. AnswerFair takes a 10 cent fee but the remaining 90 cents is deposited into the account belonging to the answer's author.


You can fund your account using any major US credit card. This is a secure transaction handled by Stripe. For more information on how Stripe keeps your card data secure, please refer to the following url. Stripe charges a fee on all credit card transactions. So when you deposit $10. 00 e.g. we don't get $10. This stinks but we're not aware of no-cost option that is as easy and secure as the Service Stripe provides. And, because we pass your money onto other users, we can't just eat the fee ourselves. So: your account will get credited with your purchase amount less 2.5%, which is what Stripe takes. What we can do is "top you back up" with credits, another form of account currency. Credits can be used to Answer questions that you do not have access to. When you setup an account you'll automatically get 5 credits as a thank-you for being one of our earliest users. We will then add 2.5% of every deposit you make to your credit balance.